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In an effort to stay in tune with the ever changing market, from 2016 APEX is looking to expand its Horizons to cater to markets in Western Europe, Romania, Australia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia with hopes of providing various construction supplies at competitive rates from Suppliers in India and Dubai.

We have a team of highly skilled Engineers specialised in Electrical, Mechanical, And Civil Engineering Projects, with experience in Planning, Development, Project Management, Tender Requisition, and Maintenance around the world.

Our various partners will work to make sure you will get the best deal and advice, for competitive prices worldwide.

Although most of our previous projects have centred around Marine Engineering, and export of supplies for the shipping industry, we also have specialised experience in other fields.

Our hope to is provide you premium goods which are reliable, affordable, and constant for the years ahead.

  • Available round the clock
  • Professionalism & Reliablity of service
  • Execution of jobs in timely manner
  • Xperienced & skilled personnel
Whether your enquiry is for small or medium vessels, we are big enough to cope... and small enough to care. For more information Click here.